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tilt/turn problems
« on: 31 August 2011 10:59 am »


I have a couple of problems with tilt/turn windows:

Window 1, on the top right of the opening sash opp the handle pushes in to leave a gap in windy conditions, is there any adjustment to solve this?

Window 2, when trying to tilt back it only opens approx a quarter of the way then seems to be stuck, have trying pull back without over doing it but wont budge any further,
any ideas??



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Re: tilt/turn problems
« Reply #1 on: 5 October 2011 12:08 pm »
Tilt and turn windows have a series of keeps all around the sash.

Some do have some adjustability, they twist slightly on the base while most are fixed.

However on the sash it will have pins or rollers, these are offen on an 'eccentric' with a hex drive key hole. If you insert a hex drive key and turn it you will see the roller will move in / out as it rotates

 This will only give a 1mm - 2mm movement and is usually used to adjust the operation loose to stiff but will impove the sealing. If the gap is more than a couple of mm then there is another fault.

Regards your 2nd problem, this more difficult to solve, but it may be a screw has come out a turn or so and is catching on the mechanism.

Try opening on turn and check all around for signs of catching or loose screws