Author Topic: Urgent Help - Windows will not lock  (Read 8287 times)


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Urgent Help - Windows will not lock
« on: 15 August 2012 03:07 pm »
I have just replaced 6 broken top hung window hinges. I could not get exact placements as Anglia does not supply them now, the windows are about 20 year old.

2 of the reimplements went OK and the windows seats and locks OK
However the other 4 are giving me a headache as they will not lock.
By this I mean that the window seats down OK and is square all round in the frame and looks just like the other 2 which lock correctly.
But these non -locking windows are proving difficult for me. The locking handle turns OK when the window is not fully shut and the slider goes across and appears correct, but when I try to lock the window in the closed position it starts to lock and the handle goes to about 10 past 2 and the won't go any further. These windows all locked OK before I replaced the hinges.

Please can anyone give me some advise to cure this problem, other than calling out a professional. There must be some thing silly that I am doing or have not done correctly but I am well and truly stuck.

Please help if you can spare the time.

Thank you for looking.     


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Re: Urgent Help - Windows will not lock
« Reply #1 on: 18 August 2012 08:45 am »
Top hung, just to confirm that the hinges/friction stays are fitted to left and right sides of the opening sash and not the top and bottom of the opening sash?
If so. It may be the case that the sash needs to be dropped down ever so slightly on the outer frame, maybe 4 or 5 mm so that the moving espag lock rollers make contact with the keeps on the outer frame. The window may look square etc but if you have fitted the friction stays to the sash slightly out of place-too low in your case then this will be the result. You will have to Release the fixings to the friction stays, drop them down slightly and screw them back in in the new lower position. If you have more of these to do in the future you may consider using our products. Take a look at the website.