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difficulty locking upvc door

Started by simon h, 27 June 2007 12:55 PM

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simon h

The front door lock in my UPVC door doesn't appear to be locking ok any more. Sometimes i cannot get the key out and have to fiddle around for ages to open/close or get the key out. Ive tried some oil in the lock but doesnt appear to have made any difference so i imagine it needs a new lock. Can i get a new lock for these kind of doors, if so is it something i should be able to do myself or will i need to get someone in to do it? Any idea of costs would be appreciated too.


Yes you will be able to get new lock, they are pretty easy to fit so i wouldn't bother paying somebody to come out and fix it.

If U R handy with a screwdriver you could buy one online and fit yourself. :)


Sounds like you need a euro cylinder lock barrel.

I bought one from UPVC Harware and I found it fairly easy to fit. You can click on the link below and it will take you direct to the product you are looking for .

They provide a quick fitting guide at the top of the page. They cost about £12 plus P&P.

Locksmiths or double glazing repair company's would charge £60-£100 for supplying & fitting the lock if your not a diy buff. ;)