Author Topic: uPVC Tilt & Turn Jammed Shut With One Corner Open  (Read 8943 times)


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uPVC Tilt & Turn Jammed Shut With One Corner Open
« on: 1 September 2012 05:30 pm »
Hi! The last tenant in my flat seems to have jammed the window open in an awkward position. The window is closed and there doesn't seem to be any damage externally, but the window seems not to have been closed properly before the handle was turned and the bottom corner on the handle side has a gap.

I have tried to turn the handle to open the window and rectify the problem, but the handle only turns about 10 degrees and won't go any further.  It also makes a clicking noise at this point. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this?


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Re: uPVC Tilt & Turn Jammed Shut With One Corner Open
« Reply #1 on: 16 September 2012 09:35 am »
It sounds like the internal mechanism may have been damaged. If you want the window open you could trying a little more pressure to the handle. If you do this and the handle turns and the window opens then you will probably not be able to lock it again and will probably need a new internal locking mechanism, be careful trying to push the window open if the lock is still engaged or yo could crack the glass. If you dont know(or are not confident taking out the glass unit) then you will need a window repair person in to rectify the problem as you wont be able to buy over the counter parts from b&q etc if you need any parts I have some on my site but you would have to know what you are looing for